Service Policy

Privacy Policy

Refund Policy

All services offered by Grow And Glow Agency are pre-paid or on a prepaid subscription basis and are non-refundable. Upon purchase, services are immediately added to the software, initiating the account setup and monthly services. All sales are final. We reserve the right to modify, suspend, or terminate access without notice or refund if the client violates our Terms of Service as mentioned in the Client Marketing Agreement. No refunds or credits are given as software fees and labor costs are incurred upon payment processing for both initial and monthly recurring subscription fees.

Cancellation Policy

Client may cancel their subscription(s) any time after the minimum 3-month term is over by contacting us at The cancellation notice must be sent by the account owner or an authorized signatory. Inactivity does not equal cancellation, so the client will continue to be charged unless a cancellation request is submitted. Cancellations take effect at the end of the current subscription period, and client will be responsible for all fees and taxes up to the cancellation date. Cancellation requests will stop future monthly fees but will not refund partial month payment. Once canceled, no future payments will be processed, all work will cease, all data will be discarded, and access to the platform will be terminated.

Auto-Approval Policy for SEO, Content, and Social Media Posts

To ensure timely delivery and efficient workflow, we have an Auto-Approval Policy for our SEO, content, and social media services. This policy is designed to keep our project backlog in check and guarantee that we continue to meet our delivery commitments without delay

Approval Window: Client will have 7 days to review and approve our monthly deliverables for SEO strategies, content, or social media posts.
Communication: During this period, we will stay in touch, providing assistance and reminders.
Auto-Approval Activation: If we don’t receive client’s approval or feedback within 7 days, our team will proceed with internal approval to avoid delays and support your business’s growth.
Purpose of the Policy: This policy helps us maintain momentum in delivering effective SEO strategies, timely content, and active social media presence while allowing our clients to review and provide input. We encourage feedback within the review period to ensure our services align with their goals.

Ad Campaign Services

Social Media Ads & Google Ads: Pausing or shutting down a campaign does not affect client’s subscription fees to Grow And Glow Agency. Subscription fees will still be charged even if ads are paused or if the credit card on file for ad spend is declined. To cancel subscription fees, a cancellation request has to be submitted to Grow And Glow Agency at least seven days before the next bill date.

SEO Services

For the Grow And Glow Agency SEO team to be able to perform work on a website, they must receive admin access to the backend system of the website. SEO team must also be permitted to make the necessary backend changes on the site without the need for prior approval. Work will be sent for client’s approval before implementing on the frontend of the website. Our team will make the necessary adjustments if the client request any changes.

Results Disclaimer

Please note, marketing results are never guaranteed. Purchasing services from Grow And Glow Agency involves acknowledging inherent risks of thing not go as planned at all times. While we generally produce favorable results, they can vary, and less satisfactory outcomes are possible.

We cannot project specific results due to varying factors such as business type, target demographic, budget, and region. After reviewing client’s information and onboarding documents, our strategists can estimate potential outcomes, but nothing is certain.

Unsatisfactory results do not warrant refunds or credits. By purchasing our services, client accepts the possible risks associated with marketing.

Declined Payments

Declined payments for active subscriptions may cause service interruptions. If a payment is declined, contact Grow And Glow Agency immediately to resolve the issue. While we may reach out, the responsibility lies with the account owner.

If not resolved immediately, a 5-business-day grace period will be granted, during which services continue and data remains intact. If there’s no communication during this period, Grow And Glow Agency may attempt to process the payment with the previously authorized credit card. After the grace period, if no communication is made or the client is unreachable, the subscription will be treated as canceled.

To avoid service interruption, loss of data, and reactivation issues, communicate with Grow And Glow Agency before or immediately after a declined payment.